Character Study Illustrations

Character Study Illustrations

This is a sheet of character studies in watercolour and pen for a series of self-penned short stories. From top right;

‘Leonard’ is a well-spoken, affable old gentleman who likes to sit with friends and put away a bottle of sherry!

The next two sketches are of a fantastical character named Pymangyrdle who befriends one of the ‘big people’ against the strict wishes of the fearsome ‘Elders’. Inevitably he ends up in rather serious trouble.

Bottom left is an ominous character who constructs a devious web in which to lure her victim as per the instructions of a mysterious, vengeful employer.

Next is one of Leonard’s friends. Ronnie is sullen, morose and bad-tempered. Together they tackle the mysterious ‘Birdman’ who they have suspicions of foul intent.

Lastly is Hooper, who is a tone-deaf, well-meaning drifter. Hungry for excitement and adventure but totally unskilled to cope with it!

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